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Relay for Life Grants

Relay for Life Grants… What are they?

To thank local communities for their remarkable efforts against cancer, and to continue to support the Fighters beyond the Relay weekend, the Foundation against Cancer has decided to use part of the funds collected by each Relay for Life to finance local initiatives that serve patients (the Fighters) and their families!

These "Relay for Life Grants" are also a way of meeting local needs in the field, which aren't covered by the aid currently provided by the Foundation against Cancer. The remainder of the funds collected will of course continue to go towards the Foundation against Cancer's missions, i.e.: funding scientific research, offering social support to patients and their families, taking action in terms of prevention and providing accurate information.


Who is eligible for the Relay for Life Grants?

All operational projects with a direct positive impact on the well-being of patients and their families. This can be interpreted in the broad sense of the term and has been intentionally defined as such as the purpose is to meet real local needs. All projects between a minimum of EUR 1,000 and a maximum of EUR 5,000 will be taken into account. An independent panel will be responsible for choosing the projects. For more information concerning the other project support programmes offered by the Foundation against Cancer, please ask the coordinator for your region directly.

Obviously, any project that goes against the Foundation against Cancer's ethical values and stance won't benefit from a subsidy. If you have any questions on the subject, you can always refer to your regional coordinator.

For more detailed information and to submit a project, simply click on the following link:




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